Is the life of a Malaysian less precious?

Apparently, despite objections by residents and NGos, the Australian company that has proposed to set up a rare earth factory is pressing ahead with this project.

The government has given  the go ahead, despite the recent Fukushima incident where even radiation experts of the most advanced countries are at a loss to contain the nuclear leak of the damaged plant. Granted that radiation from a rare earth factory is much lower than that of a nuclear plant, it is still   something that should not to be taken lightly.

The simple question is : if there is no risk at all to set up a rare earth company, why didn’t the company set this up in Western Australia, near to its source of extraction? It would have saved  millions in shipping cost.

The fact that it has not obtained approval by the authority to set up such a plant in Western Australia ( which has a vast area of unpopulated land),  and it has to set up a plant thousands of miles away from its source of extraction speaks plenty for itself.

If Western Australian authority is concerned about radiation risk, why shouldn’t we be too?

If the safety features of the plant cannot ensure the issuing of a license to operate in Australia, why are we giving a license? Is our standard of safety lower than that of Australia? Are we so hard up on foreign investment that we are willing to risk the health of our people? Isn’t that contrary to the slogan “People first”?

Is the life of a Malaysian less precious than that of a resident of a developed nation?


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  1. manaman
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 13:19:20

    Becos Malaysian couldnt care less attitude, rare earth is very polluted n poisonous, and certainly Kuantan people DONT need this rubbish factory!!
    Only way to reverse this is to organize BIG, BIG protest!! or vote out BN altogether!!


  2. KK
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 13:57:01

    The fact that there is no new plant built in the world for the past 30 years will tell you this sort of processing plant is a big no no.

    Even the poorest country won’t want to have anything to do with this type of operation, yet BolehLand is rushing into it ; something is very wrong.
    This may be the reasons.
    Commission ? Profit sharing ? lucrative contracts ?


  3. Jong
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 13:59:12

    Kuantan-Pahang may be UMNO/BN stronghold, home of die-heart supporters of the Razaks and MB Adnan?
    But People, do you think they have your interest at heart? You can scream your heart out but do you think they care? If they did they would have consulted you first but the very fact they kept quiet for so long, shows they were trying to hide things from you.

    Even if you protest, they will talk-3, talk-4 and turn deaf ears and send the men-in-blue against you!
    GE-13 is just round the corner, know the power of your votes – use it wisely and kick the whole lot of BN out, no ifs no buts!

    Down with arrogant UMNO, Down with arrogant BN!


  4. Son of Muhammad
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 14:57:58



  5. Taikohtai
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 16:34:52

    The reply I received after writing to my MP in Queensland was that the monitoring of the project was done by the Malaysian authorities. Basically, Australia will not violate the sovereignty of other countries but if the local governments want to go ahead, it becomes a case of going by their rules, not Australia’s. Lynas is a listed public company here and the Australian government will not stop its operations so long as they break no Australian laws.
    And of course, Lynas knows very well that the rules on mining in third world countries including Malaysia are almost non-existent! Only how much the sharing of the JV involved 😦


  6. chabalang
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 19:27:32

    Yes, Dr.. It’s all about $$$. If you read the following NY Times article:
    “Nicholas Curtis, Lynas’s executive chairman, said it would cost four times as much to build and operate such a refinery in Australia, which has much higher labor and construction costs. Australia is also home to an environmentally minded and politically powerful Green party.”

    Why is it so much cheaper in Malaysia – I don’t know since I am not an expert in this area? To me, the environmental protection/clean-up and subsequent disposal costs will be quite significant.

    BTW, what is happening to all the health issues raised at the gold mining at Bukit Koman, Raub by another Australian mining company (which uses cyanide – quite commonly used in gold extraction)…


  7. Li Li Fa
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 20:19:13

    The Australians are very protective of their own land, environment and people. By comparison, it is not so over here. This is a classic case of off-shoring their mining industry which is dangerous to the environment and health to Bolehland.

    It is because of the foreign investment and the lucrative returns coming from this project, that the Government allows such business to be set up, particularly in Pahang. Chances are , this type of investment will not be approved in Penang or Selangor.

    In order for the people to enjoy a better environment, our own people must firstly vote in a government that cares for the people, the environment, and the land, in the coming Sarawak election and the 13GE. Reject those who make money from the environment at the expense of the people and the land.


  8. monsterball
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 21:23:39

    As long as there is an idea for Najib to earn billions for his party and cronies…that is most important.
    He needs billions to corrupt and by loyalties.
    Doc’s message is very clear…..and yes…life in Malaysia are less precious where money is concern… a band of thieves and robbers.
    The fact that Najib is calling all Ministers to go over to Sarawak and campaign for BN…shows how important he needs to win the State election……leaving he whole country with no ministers to manage daily affairs for days.
    The fact that the DPM and PM have been in Sarawak for days…shows what kind of PM we are having.
    Malaysians have been fooled by Mahathir and Najib far far too long…and Sarawakians are giving Najib….. sleepless nights.
    Malaysians you say?
    Why according to Najib….most are traitors…if they do not support him.
    This man is a NUT!!….exposed without Rosmah.


  9. romerz
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 21:26:54

    Good argument doc!


  10. wisely
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 22:35:59


    I totally agree with you that this is stupid!


  11. CYC
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 08:54:34

    When this is considered stupid, how could a wise man like you still rate BN as a better choice. Isn’t it sound idiotic? Or many of the idiotic lots adopted Dr NYY’s philosophy with a Aussie passport on the right pocket and leaving left pocket allocated for receiving excess from stupid project ? This may be harsh but who dare to deny it is the mentality of the self proclaimed “protector of rakyats” .


  12. Phua Kai Lit
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 15:30:42

    Dear blog Readers

    Pahang is an UMNO/MCA/BN stronghold.
    Kuantan isn’t. The MP is YB Fuziah Salleh from PKR.
    And one of the three ADUNS is from Pakatan Rakyat.

    Note: many of the top MCA leaders are from Pahang.
    Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen etc.

    I’m a Kuantan boy and I can tell you that the people of
    Kuantan are getting really riled up by this proposed plant and
    are mobilising against it.


  13. monsterball
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 17:34:48

    Ng Yen Yen really knows how to carry balls ….besides sucking like.. lollipops.
    This Min. of Tourism is a disgrace to the Malaysian Chinese….besides Perak biggest female frog.
    Samy Vellu said Ng Yen Yen…getting fat….no more sexy..long long ago.
    Liow?….less said the better.
    MCA politicians are a bunch of UMNO B puppets with no shame.
    All forgotten Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy? each his/her own how to carry balls and make money.


  14. CYC
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 13:49:48

    If every other alternatives failed why not just start a boycott Australia campaign. They don’t like that kind of publicity and it will be slap on their face for profiteering on someone else agony. What kind of environmental friendly policy are they adopting? Perhaps nobody wants to be in the bad book of the Aussie govt as many have children either studying and living there. But one must live conviction and a wrong is a wrong. Its that simple.

    Kick the Aussie out from Pahang !


  15. monsterball
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 09:29:46

    Give this corrupted government an idea how to make billions that will not offend their supporters….and they are game to do it.
    This has nothing to do with Australian..but pure greed and opportunists to amassed billions to buy up the country.
    Another project concerning Nuclear power plant discussing with Japan. It is how successful Najib can negotiate with any such companies to agree to mark up huge amount and call that commission.
    Najib knows even the most stupid UMNO B supporter will not agree buy anything from North Korea or Iran. If allowed…these two will be biggest UMNO B suppliers of all sorts of warfare products for they will meet all conditions put up by Najib…to make the sales.
    Have anyone wonders why the Submarines are bought from Russia?
    Russians are known to be most corrupted in any deals.
    You mean USA and Britain or Germany cannot build better Submarines?
    That itself tells you..who are friendly with Najib’s government.
    You got the product and you can do as Najib asked…the deal is closed.


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