The hawks have landed


The hardliners in the Big Brother have apparently prevailed in the handling of tomorrow Bersih 3.0 gathering.

It shows that despite the enactments of certain laws to replace the old draconian ones, the hardliners are not willing to concede the power of control. While conceding to the rakyat the right to assembly in principle, the refusal of letting Bersih to gather at Dataran Merdeka is a signal that these people are not willing to let people gather in practice.

However, having learned the lesson from Bersih 2.0 the hard way, DBKL is being used as the front to oppose the gathering at the Merdeka Square.

So it will again be a stand off .

I hope sober minds will prevail and that no untoward incident happen tomorrow. If tear gas and water cannot are used again, it will certainly be doing the reformists in the government a disservice and BN would never get the votes of the middle ground again, in spite of the attempts to rush through laws that are more liberal than before.

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Insofar as to the differences between the hawks and the liberals, it reminds me of the Tiananmeng gathering in 1989 in Beijing. Then initially the liberals were gaining grounds , but eventually the hawks had the say and tanks were used to crush the gathering.

I have always of the opinion that one day, China’s leadership is going to revisit  the June 4 incident, as it is popularly known, and the liberals’ role will be recognised and rectified. .

The world is much different from that era, and Malaysia is not China. CHina then was under totalitarian rule and Malaysia,  despite many imperfection and anomalies in voting, is still outwardly a democracy.Even for China, if  June 4 happens in this modern era, the same approach would have very different result

The Hawks perhaps have forgotten about the Arab Spring where harsh suppression of the people led to the downfall of not one but many dictators in the Arab world.  In this era of the internet, news cannot be suppressed and  people have access to real time happenings.


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  1. CYC
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 11:50:41

    More people will attend this time around. Expect more senior citizens to join as many have expressed their concern and they said ” nothing more to lose”. Such are the sentiment on the ground.
    It is simply naive to believe this govt will ever change. They give one take back 2 when changing the law to be more prohibitive and more loop holes to charge you with absolute discretion.


  2. Nick
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 12:11:24

    Enough on talking, we must walk the talk, otherwise, we have only ourselves to be blamed for all the nonsence and pollution created by this illegitimate government. I am loyal to King and Country but down with this Evil government who have lost all moral bearings. I am in touch with old classmates and colleagues and many many are going.


  3. Nick
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 12:53:17

    The EC Chairman and his deputy have confirmed their UMNO membership, what crap is that?
    Identity card number: 500124105279
    Previous identity card number: Lama 2698922
    UMNO membership number: 113804
    Branch code: 09920036=SRI AMPANG BARU
    Assembly seat code: 09920=LEMBAH JAYA
    Division code: 099 = AMPANG
    State: SELANGOR

    Identity card number: 490101035179
    Previous identity card number: 2756290
    Umno membership number: 2374564
    Branch code: 02213049=KUBANG BUNGGOR
    Assembly seat code: 02213= CHETOK
    Division code: 022 = PASIR MAS
    State: KELANTAN


  4. Dr Hsu
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 13:14:32

    They should resign.

    The election commission is like the umpire of a ball game. How can the umpire be related to one of the team and still allowed to referee the game?

    Common logic. They never thought that in this era of the internet , any thing can be easily exposed.


  5. Kenny
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 13:53:31

    The harsher the response to Bersih 3.0, the more damage will be done to BN. The Umno controlled authorities have better tread carefully with elections around the corner. Tear gas and mass arrests will be their undoing.

    I expect more people to attend this time round. Even senior citizens within my social group are attending. People have broken through the wall of fear.


  6. chanjoe1
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 15:40:01

    We can rest assure that PAS will he there to assist all with the salt, water etc as in Bersih 2.0. I want to be part of the action again after experiencing the chemical water and the tear gas and tehre is no fear in my friends and me again. We shall proceed to be at the Jalan Sultan gathering group. many friends who are 1st timers will be joining us……lets see how they are going to treat us this time. At least no nee to lie about the Tung Shin Hospital case anymore eh? Come one….come all….wear yellow or green. Lets get there by hook or by crook. My friends from Kuantan are already in KL…their spirits are commendable and so lets show ours.


  7. sonny6828
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 17:36:45

    Majority of my golfing kaki will skip this saturday game and we will be in Jln Sultan to personally show our support for Bersih 3.0. It is now or never….


  8. Wave33
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 00:29:54

    UMNO is still very much in the dinosaur age. Disobedient calls for pancung. Education is by canning. They are still living in the middle ages, where people travel by camels.

    UMNO has forgotten in this era, you just can’t lie, not even once.

    This is how STUPID BN statement has been on Bersih 2.0

    1. Home Minister: No tear gas was fired into Tung Shin Hospital
    2. Minister of Health: No tear gas was fired into Tung Shin Hospital
    3. Deputy Chief Polis Raja Di Malaysia: No tear gas was fired into Tung Shin Hospital

    Real morons to be making such statements without realising everyone is carrying a mobile phone that takes picture. Half of the mobile phones takes good video too. Handheld cameras is so light and small now and it takes video too.

    All these evidences are upload within minutes to the whole world to watch.

    Our neighbouring countries certainly will have a box load of pictures and videos of Altantuya, in this era. It is their joker card. UMNO just has to stop being a joker. The last joke will be on them.


  9. Jong
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 08:37:55

    Received this from a friend reporting from ground-zero – Dataran Merdeka, sharing….

    Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 2:45 AM

    Dear all

    It was 12 midnite of 28th April…. I was there at dataran…the Bersih warriors began gethering and swelled up to 1000s of us. Sivakumar of Perak came and the chanting of “Hidup Bersih” throng the air. It was thrilling. U missed it if u are not here. It was only the beginning. By the next morning, we expect hundreds of thousand of loving and courageous Malays, Chinese and Indian to tell NAJIB and his corrupted cabinet ministers to come “clean” failing which we shall topple them either thro “pilihanraya” or “jalanraya”.

    We are ready for the possible assault of tear gas, water cannon or the use of high acoustic device tomorrow.We said to ourselves: we will not come if we are fearful but if we hav come, we fear nothing. Courage doesn’t mean absence of fear but courage gives us strength to overcome the feeling of fear.

    Personally, I am glad I made the decision to take part in the Bersih. I now understand why the Arabs were wiling to sacrifice their lives bcos I am, like them, utterly fed up with the NAJIS governmt and if I don’t walk on to the street this time, my grandson will blame me for not making a better Malaysia.
    After BERSIH 3, I can safely say that ” I have not lived in vein”.

    Hidup Bersih, Hidup Pakatan Rakyat.

    – Chan.
    2.30 am 28thApr 2012.


  10. HuaYong
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 09:39:08



  11. Jong
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 10:24:00

    Is Malaysia at war, with its citizens?
    Why the necessity for barricades of razor wire to maim and kill?

    This Najib led UMNO corrupt government has definitely lost its sense of righteousness! Rakyat’s simple request for ‘clean and fair elections’ have come to this and so much confrontation? Why? Looks like they will want to impose ‘road-tax’ for every citizen using the roads and padangs eg a fine example – Dataran Merdeka?

    We must get rid of this government, CHANGE has to come, it must in GE-13, no ifs no buts! UMNO/BN memang tak boleh pakai lagi dah.


  12. BeWildered
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 13:08:52

    Isn’t is sad to see that BN=UMNO,UMNO=BN, that is the downfall of BN. Without realizing it, UMNO is chopping off the arms of BN over the years driven by greed of politicians for self gain. It looks like there is no turning back….too deep into the hole. in this context, there is only hard liners, the rest are only pretends, and deceptions.


  13. complete_nutrition
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 17:11:07


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